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05.02.2003 Zaurus News
  I've put somes files to make a toolchain for the zaurus. There are only sources packages, so you can built it anywhere on your system. If i've more place, i will put the toolchain for 3.2, 2.95.4 and Qt.
Please look at
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27.01.2003 XBlast TNT Patches
  Some new patches for XBlast-TNT. You have now some rpms for Redhat Linux 7.3 and 8.0.
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16.11.2002 Kaddressbook synchronizer for the zaurus
  This is just the beginning of the project until kitchensync is finish. This program (in C++) read the default KDE address book and transform it into the XML format use by the Zaurus SL-A300. This application can be use for any QTopia base environment like (OPIE, and Zaurus SL-5x00).
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15.11.2002 Homepage made
  I've finally made a page for my homepage. The design is taken from the Xine project.
12.10.2002 New photon release 0.2.7
  Photon is just another gallery generator. I made it because i want to burn some pictures on CD without needed to have an application to see it. All computers have now a browser, so it's a static gallery generator with a clean design and many features can be disable (slide show, exif, javascript).
It's written in python (the first version was in perl), can use Gimp or python-imaging library to compute thumbnail, support comments, Exif, Slideshow ...
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01.10.2002 Japan holiday
  I went the last month in Japan for my summer holiday. It's a very beautiful country, i've take some shots that can be seen here and here.
27.05.2002 XBlast TNT Patches
  I've made some patches for XBlast TNT (The network version of XBlast). This patches fixes some segfaults in the code, there are another one in the network layer, which is difficult to fixes without modify a lot of codes.
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05.02.2002 New hh501-utils version.
  I've made an usb kernel driver for Linux for the smartmedia reader HH501. You need a Linux 2.4 kernel and some talent to apply the source code. There are two version: one which contains all usb-storage directory to be build standalone, and one to be integrated in the kernel.
Some utilities can be use in user-land to format (don't use it), and test some new commands. The firmware is extracted from the windows drivers and need to be load with hotplug.
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